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Social media status is winning the fight against transphobia in Brazil

Transgender Brazilian artists are changing the hardcore transphobia by becoming viral internationally



James Brown knew it.  His popular song “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World ” is just a glimpse of the popular belief held by almost every single culture where men provide and protect while women take care and nurture.

These definition of roles, have persisted since the inception aka imposition of “modern civilization” ignoring indigenous, tribal and ancient traditions where both, male and female have had balanced roles; so, it is not surprising when one talks about musical acts, women are usually perceived as delivery performers but never creators; whether a variation of vocalists, dancers, or djs, female artists usually are given the task of looking attractive to their culture’s standard, be sexy but also elegant, and not to create controversy in order to avoid any disruption to the status quo.

Now imagine what the common collective thinks about a person who identifies him/herself as a transgender.

Absolute darwinism’s chaos.

We collectively decided to know where they should belong. Therefore, for many close minded, they need to be classified in one of the two categories, or be deleted from the equation.

And sadly, not other country in the planet has been more brutal using violent crimes against transgender than Brazil.

In order to understand what happens in Brazil, it is not necessary to have experience in social movements and militancy groups. Transgender die every day in epidemic numbers, generally speaking, because Brazilian culture regards femininity as inferior and does not support the idea that one should escape from rigid gender patterns. Therefore, for those who are prejudiced, it is outrageous to accept that a person designated as a “man” as a baby “downgrades himself” and wants to face life as a woman.

In the last 2 years, Social media has started to attack the root of the problem where a lot of trans people do not deliberately want to confront society – which would not be a problem either; most of the time, transvestites and transsexuals simply try to survive and get on with the everyday chores of life.

Celebrity trans people are becoming influential, and with them, so their social platforms have started to raise awareness.

However, regular trans people are still subjected to immeasurable suffering, for even their most basic rights, such as studying, working, having a document, buying clothes or even going to the bathroom, are constantly denied. Simple activities may be commonplace issues for many people, but they are certainly not for anyone who is transgender. Although sad and worrying, trans people, who are already so marginalized by society, are often dismissed even by social movements that are supposed to include them, such as the LGBT and Feminist movements. Even within militant groups and activists, transvestites and transsexuals face enormous prejudice and discrimination and are invisible in the struggle for their rights. Ironically, through a perception committed to improving the world, these people should find priority space, since they do not have access to rights already established by non-trans, even those who are homosexual or bisexual, among other discriminated groups. This is a simple reasoning; after all, if there is a person in a situation of extreme urgency, it is obvious that the aid for it should be put in the foreground.

“Imagine what the Brazilian common collective thinks about a person who identifies him/herself as a transgender. Absolute darwinism’s chaos.”

So, how things have changed if authorities, and common people do not really believe transgender have same rights, in a country where women rights are also very scarce:  Likes, plays  & shares (and networking).

The divine trinity of social media came to the rescue for Valeria Houston, known in Brazil for her role in a TV musical reality show, being a transsexual singer Valeria jumped again to the news for a complete different reason than her art; Houston was the victim of a violent homophobic aggression while she was walking on the street with her boyfriend, who was also beaten trying to defend her, and the whole drama while trying to receive help, or even better, the continuous refusal from police, hospitals and just regular people around in giving her any help because “ID doesn’t match” or “We don’t know if you might have AIDS” were shared on her facebook almost on a live update. As expected, hours after the incident, hospital and police released statements apologizing, and making sure that they… blablablablabla.

But no other site has given bigger voice to Brazilian transgenders than youtube.

The video platform’s millions of views and consequently the human habit to know more have turned trans-artists into instant celebrities when their social accounts from Instagram, twitter and facebook pages became viral.

Pabllo Vittar, Rico Dalasam, Mc Linn da Quebrada, Mc Trans, Mc Xuxu, Lia Clark and even the polemic Nego do Borel among many more have been vocal about the need to realize that the current socio-political environment from Brazil and the apathy from mainstream media to cover transgender issues, they use it to promote their music, fashion choices, and more and more often to speak up.

International celebrities like Diplo, Katy Perry, Maluma are not just supportive but actually helping the community by making collaborations with some of them; that is a huge help as well as having local Brazilian mega acts like Anitta collaborating. The movement is growing to the point it is not uncommon to see Rock/funk legend Edu K from De Falla or highly praised indie artist Jaloo making disruption inside their own niches by choosing non-binary status which translates in a change of mind for the general public.


Would Brazil become more supportive of transgender people? As long as, we, the first world, the one with tools and extracted from the Brazilian social prejudices about Favela Bass, Baile Funk, MPB, or Bahia Bass start sharing content from transgender artists we help that Brazilian people stop seeing the person’s choice and start seeing the celebrities for their art. In exchange of your like, follow and play these artists will echo their voice to the ones struggling.

Sounds fair. Count us in.


Check the music from some of the artists we mentioned in the article, feel free to share, add some names or links we (or public should know) in the comment section.


MC Trans

Easily dropping one of the sickest beats of Favela Bass (age restricted video tho) Linn da Quebrada Coytada’s is killing it in the parties

Pabllo Vittar’s Buzina shows how MPB has reached mainstream levels

And Last but never least Valeria Houston

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