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YANGA brings a new dimension to the rapidly growing scene of Afro-Latin independent music taking shape in Los Angeles and concentrated in the fertile enclave known as the Inland Empire. Intertwined with other intrepid musical explorers who call the IE home, YANGA has sprouted their own distinct branch on the tree of Caribbean music and culture.

Led by John D’Alessandro’s accordion and the fiery female voice of Eddika Organista (El Haru Kuroi), this new recording is an intense ode to the band’s fundamental influences, conceptually crystallized in the studio of Chicano Batman bassist Eduardo Arenas with veteran Marcos Garcia (Antibalas, Chico Mann, Here Lies Man) crafting the mix.

The finished product is a perfect juxtaposition between vintage and modern.

Many bands are grabbing these sounds (QUITAPENAS, EL SANTO GOLPE and BUYEPONGO) all have been released by Brooklyn’s label NAMES YOU CAN TRUST.

YANGA creates new recipes based on a traditional bouillabaisse of Afro-Carib rhythm, sharing a few ingredients and musicians to develop a deeper chemistry and cohesiveness but cohering into their own piquant flavor.

It’s a realized and impeccably executed scene of dark, gritty and saturated drums and bass, the entire sonic landscape dosed with subtle psychedelia and studio wizardry that never overshadows the band’s natural performance or their reverence for the classic sounds of the tropical ‘70s. The finished product is a perfect juxtaposition between vintage and modern. This special edition, double-issue single packed with deep dancefloor grooves are a sure-shot entry into the timeless canon of Afro-Caribbean recordings.

YANGA’s singular focus and strength is their inspiration from and adherence to the beloved rhythms found throughout the Caribbean coast of Colombia — rhythms like cumbia, garabato, tambora and zambapalo

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Hermanito Label: Explosao EP (and en mis brazos)

check out the first chapter on the new venture by Dave Nada and Tittsworth




Every six months you hear people claiming their new ventures will “kick off a new chapter in global bass.” Very few can actually deliver that.

Moombahton originator Dave Nada and DJ and producer Jesse Tittsworth have started a new label, Hermanito, and they seem to be actually on point.

The DJs describe the label as “a new platform for Latin bass, psychedelic cumbia, grimey baile funk, tropical trop and everything in between.

And their latest called EXPLOSAO is a collective effort featuring some of the coolest cats in the global bass scene, including label head; tittsworth himself as well as Zuzuka Poderosa, NYC’s Banginclude, France’s Zee reach, Germany’s Gato Preto, TT the artist, BLKZEN, Sak Noel, Saso and Salvi.

Check the whole EP right here

Nada and Tittsworth launched the label with “En Mis Brazos” the first track which they collaborated with Puerto Rican legendary producer DJ Blass. featuring Fade To Mind’s r&b/club legend Kingdom and TenTwentySeven, screwmbia king & Quintanilla royalty Principe Q, latin/baile master and radio favorite (BBC/Beats1/Soulection) Radical One, a homegrown DC gogo flip by Reagan Bombs, LA DJ champion and Neo Perreo famed Chaboi with a moody/breaky DNB remix, and Dave’s deep dub, which was actually the old “original” Nadastrom version.

Support that release right here

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ANITTA- Kisses

Anitta’s new album tries hard to please everyone. Would everyone be pleased?




If you have followed the underground ghetto-bass music, then the you have already heard about Anitta. A Brazilian pop star who has collab with Major Lazer, J Balvin, and tropkillaz just to name a few

Anitta is not just a pop star, she actually is Brazil’s biggest pop star who has finally unveiled KISSES. Anitta’s fourth album, seems expressly designed to chivvy along her breakthrough. Sung in a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish and English, it is her first to feature US stars – as keen, no doubt, for an introduction to Anitta’s staggering South American audience as she is to capitalize on their household names.

She is truly focusing on global domination and making an opening for Brazil in the “Latin Fever” market that is killing it right now.

Production wise, Kisses is intended to please crowds, and a treat for remixers. Here’s a glimpse of all the genres she is trying to cover.







MPB [Musica Popular Brasileira] (with Caetano Veloso)



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The resurrection of Sean Paul

Dancehall icon is the man to go if you want to add some spice to your pop




Pop and Dancehall in Late 90’s and Early 2000’s were dominated by legendary multi-Grammy winner Sean Paul. His hits earned him a spot outside Jamaica as one of the most iconic representatives of the genre worldwide. Sean, like Shaggy, started slowly to vanish when the early EDM madness popped out.

That didnt mean Sean Paul’s music stopped, but as mainstream does all the time, once a new flavor comes to town, your flavor stays for only those who really like it. For real Dancehall lovers, you will always dig his tracks.

Statistics prove most of the people, generally speaking, only like to listen to him for a verse or two.

Sean Paul is not one of the people who really stays on 1 genre, and his collaboration with Major Lazer’s come on to me opened the gates for the Jamaican legend to the EDM-Pop community.

In her album, Sia dropped a track called cheap thrills on its original version. Beautiful song. Nothing really happened.

Her newer version featured Sean, and that was it.

Cheap Thrills became the tilting point for Sean Paul’s pop crossover, he is the man pop stars go to add some spice to their tracks.

After Sia’s collab got over 1Billion on just youtube, Clean Bandit got him for rockabye which made even better, 2billion and counting, then Dua Lipa, Migos, Major Lazer again, and so on, so on.

Sean’s recent smash Mad Love ft. Becky G which was produced by phenom David Guetta, Shot & Wine, ft. London’s Dancehall Queen Steff London, and BOASTY with Wiley, Steff London, and renowned actor Idris Elba.

Revered as one of the most consistent hit makers in pop music, teams up with Latin superstar J Balvin for the release of his electrifying new single
Contra La Pared (Against The Wall) via Island Records.

On collaborating with Balvin, Sean states, “It was great working with J Balvin! He’s a star from the Latin world who has such a great knowledge & respect for Dancehall music so when the dons of Dancehall & Latin team up the result is pure fire!”

Balvin added, “Working with Sean Paul was a real blessing. I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time, and since Reggaeton obviously has strong roots from Reggae, it was really exciting to bring our world’s together.”

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