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Leo from RIO- BANZE

Subversive yet very danceable.



Banzé is a Brazilian term which is used with protest, they say Banzé to cause a riot, to cause a scene, to be fierce, an uprising from what is going on right now in the country.

Leopold Nunan aka Leo From Rio is a creative artist who has devoted his life to his passion for the arts, and now is his time to shine. This summer Leopold will bring the dance to you with his debut official release ‘Banzé’ via Wile Out with support of subversive digilabel Latino Resiste

‘Banzé’ is a homage to Brazil and all it’s beauty and grandiosity, which will be officially premiered at the legendary ‘Long Beach Pride’ festival Saturday May the 18th, that Leopold will be headlining the Dance stage.

From Rio with love, Leopold Nunan brings us his debut single release which features Samba legend ‘Beto Brown’ called ‘Banzé’ off his soon to be releases EP via Global Club Music label ‘Wile Out’ on May the 18th.

The single is a global dance track which brings all the elements of Brazilian culture from all over the country, sampling a native Brazilian flute, favela funk Tamborzão, lots of Beat-box vocals, Miami Bass breakbeat and some Samba percussion to bring together a song of strength and unity for all to enjoy on the dance floor.

Banzé is a homage to the beauty and charm of the Brazilian people and its culture as well as the mesmerizing Copacabana beach. Leopold wants to unite us all and say that we are all in this together no matter what we say or do, this is our right to live the way we are, you cannot change who we are.


About the video

Banzé is the vision of Leopold Nunan, together with Emmy Nominee Billy Clift they developed a visual masterpiece that touches on the subject of what’s going on right now in Brazil, with the current right wing political takeover. It is inspired on a real Los Angeles character ‘Morena Santos’ a political activist who uses her talent as a samba dancer to empower women from all over the world.

The music video takes place in two countries USA and Brazil. We chose to use Copacabana beach and the famous sinuous black and white stoned boardwalk as the setting in Brazil, and in the United States we chose to use “East Jesus” located in Slab City or “The Slabs” which is known as the lay free place in the US as the backdrop to give the feeling that we are lost in this lawless land filled with sculptures, abandoned cars, old military plane, all in an open yard gallery.

In this music video Leo pays homage to the native americans of Brazil, also honored to announce the presence of Inuia Kamaiura Amaru from Xingu, a Brazilian native tribe member from Mato Grosso. He is the focus of the video with the flute sounds symbolising unity!

We want to raise awareness about the oppression going on with this minority group of natives, so that their voice can be heard, the Brazilian native people are suffering a lot under the current right wing Brazilian president.

Art for Leopold is a platform where he can express himself, it is an escape for him, it is his way to scream, it is his outlet to bring joy to all.

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Marginal Original

Acido Pantera- Gozza (Rmx EP)

New remix EP featuring Pernett, Caballo, and Bleepolar.




If you know about Colombian new sounds, probably you have heard about Acido Pantera, a duo of producers/musicians whose releases are earning them wicked spots on some of the best “world music” fests around the globe.

Not a while ago, they made an amazing collaboration with tribu barahu, who are also one of the most prominent acts from the Afro-Pacifi sounds from the globe called GOZZA

And right now they unveil their new EP with remixes of that bomb grabbing wicked names like Pernett’s WIZ-KEY, Caballo & Bleepolar.


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Rec Sonidera & El Satánico Doctor Trvza- Repite y Reproduce (Rinse & Repeat)

Epic Digital Cumbia release brought you via Cassette Blog (plus more)




Andean Bass, neo-folklore, shamanic bass, and a heavy load of ethnic jargon to describe electronic fusion with the old school sounds has been an alternative since the inception of the digital era.

This sentiment as brought an epic result of just do the opposite.

Make something soooo old school cumbia yet relevant for an electronic crowd that to apply a moniker different than Digital Cumbia to describe it would be a dishonor.

This is a 100% cumbia release. Visionary indeed, still truly loyal to the Mexican Cumbia rebajada appeal.

Mexico’s very own Cassette Blog releases Rec Sonidera y El Satánico Doctor Trvza album called Repite y Reproduce (Rinse n Repeat) which are available here (MEGA LINK) FLAC or MP3 (LINK MP3 HERE)

BY THE WAY.. if you want to know the LATEST and MOST TRENDY acts in Cumbia right now, Cassette also made a well researched, and highly awarded compilation featuring the best Cumbia acts from SXSW 2019

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Caballo- Recycled Revolution

Brand new Album from Caballo. 14 tracks, 14 different genres. FREE DL




To celebrate a decade in front of Latino Resiste, Caballo releases a new album exploring the current Urban Latino fronts, whether it is new approach like the opening track Souvenir, or exploring lesser known genres like Mode up (From San Andres Island) on the second track (Te quiero Para Mi) or even adding a bit of ska to the Urban Latino track (SANSON) Caballo wants this album to be a testimony of what the label and his own trip ahead of it has accomplished on these first 10 years.

As usual on any Caballo album, heavy collaborations conjoint lesser known names with equally leveled creative skills. Mixing party intended lyrics as well as political and social tracks.

A massive addition is the Dancehall track IMMIGRATION LAW with legendary Buju Banton, highlighting eternal struggle of immigrants trying to follow the nomadic path of reaching a better life in a new place faces global and social pressures by not only the actual travel’s dangers but also facing the systematic discrimination imposed by those who are afraid of interact with the newcomers.

Another great collaboration is done with Canadian Rap legend RELIC on Nothing to Spare (and later on another track SOCIALITE)

Global Bass pioneer Feral, and Russian basshead Chuck Upbeat are also present on a newer take on Tweet retweet, while Venezuelan bangeristas MEDINA and ALPIRE are present in the album as well, one by producing PUM PUM and the former co-producing Old-school Moombahton Mueve la Patica.

Dave Nada Hermanito’s own RANDIZZLE features Caballo on DURO HP.. a heavy dembow track that becomes a simply a laser bass slayer.

Caballo focuses on bass with the collab with Mr Shammi, and later decides to explore dubstep’s own RIDDIM on Sangre Mestiza, making this the first RIDDIM track exploring Latin-indigenous issues.
The amazing art was done by talented American Artist Hugh D’Andrade responsible for the art of the Anarchist Bookfair.

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