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Leo from RIO- BANZE

Subversive yet very danceable.



Banzé is a Brazilian term which is used with protest, they say Banzé to cause a riot, to cause a scene, to be fierce, an uprising from what is going on right now in the country.

Leopold Nunan aka Leo From Rio is a creative artist who has devoted his life to his passion for the arts, and now is his time to shine. This summer Leopold will bring the dance to you with his debut official release ‘Banzé’ via Wile Out with support of subversive digilabel Latino Resiste

‘Banzé’ is a homage to Brazil and all it’s beauty and grandiosity, which will be officially premiered at the legendary ‘Long Beach Pride’ festival Saturday May the 18th, that Leopold will be headlining the Dance stage.

From Rio with love, Leopold Nunan brings us his debut single release which features Samba legend ‘Beto Brown’ called ‘Banzé’ off his soon to be releases EP via Global Club Music label ‘Wile Out’ on May the 18th.

The single is a global dance track which brings all the elements of Brazilian culture from all over the country, sampling a native Brazilian flute, favela funk Tamborzão, lots of Beat-box vocals, Miami Bass breakbeat and some Samba percussion to bring together a song of strength and unity for all to enjoy on the dance floor.

Banzé is a homage to the beauty and charm of the Brazilian people and its culture as well as the mesmerizing Copacabana beach. Leopold wants to unite us all and say that we are all in this together no matter what we say or do, this is our right to live the way we are, you cannot change who we are.


About the video

Banzé is the vision of Leopold Nunan, together with Emmy Nominee Billy Clift they developed a visual masterpiece that touches on the subject of what’s going on right now in Brazil, with the current right wing political takeover. It is inspired on a real Los Angeles character ‘Morena Santos’ a political activist who uses her talent as a samba dancer to empower women from all over the world.

The music video takes place in two countries USA and Brazil. We chose to use Copacabana beach and the famous sinuous black and white stoned boardwalk as the setting in Brazil, and in the United States we chose to use “East Jesus” located in Slab City or “The Slabs” which is known as the lay free place in the US as the backdrop to give the feeling that we are lost in this lawless land filled with sculptures, abandoned cars, old military plane, all in an open yard gallery.

In this music video Leo pays homage to the native americans of Brazil, also honored to announce the presence of Inuia Kamaiura Amaru from Xingu, a Brazilian native tribe member from Mato Grosso. He is the focus of the video with the flute sounds symbolising unity!

We want to raise awareness about the oppression going on with this minority group of natives, so that their voice can be heard, the Brazilian native people are suffering a lot under the current right wing Brazilian president.

Art for Leopold is a platform where he can express himself, it is an escape for him, it is his way to scream, it is his outlet to bring joy to all.

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Marginal Original

Selegna records unveils MUNCHI’s entire catalog + New White Gangster





Munchi is easily the only cult producer for the entire Moombah family,

We all have a favorite producer, but no one gets even closer to the mystic surrounding Munchi, a Dutch Producer and DJ of Dominican descent, born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

He is credited to have made “the first truly original work” for Moombahton, taking “the sound to the next level” and being the originator of Moombahcore.

This track is … THE MOTHERFUCKING TRACK that brought all the cumbiaheads, reggaeton, dembow, house and moombahtonistas sets to the new sonic millennium .. cant count how many dj sets this track has been played.. but I believe a good guess is all of them!!

Even though Munchi is credited mainly for Moombahton, it was his versatility that brought him into public attention.

Notably producing a wide selection of genres and incorporating these elements in his music.

Have to do a little pause, as I personally have a long history with Munchi.

I (Caballo) happen to be one of the first persons to blog him on a bigger platform at the moment, and right after listening his Baile funk album, like a day or so after, I went to the studio and recorded vocals from ruas de grecia.

That was 10 years ago, and ever since, I have always been a super fan of him, even though I personally have clashed with him due to personal views on projects we have been involved in the past, the fact is we moved on our ego trips and found a common ground to support our underground culture as the real core of maintaining a contemporary identity without losing the respect for the foundation of the genres, and the people who created the movements and the cultural history behind it.

Now, to be fair, after he created Selegna records, he has been constantly dropping some of the best bass music around, especially God Wonder, and White Gangster ( funny enough my label Latino Resiste also has some prior releases with Isabela aka ISA GT, Matias God Wonder and Sergey White Gangster)

Talking about the later, his new EP is absolute flames!



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Marginal Original

Leftside- Wi Nuh Give A..

Legendary Dancehall singer-producer drops his latest video featuring Elephant Man, Sean Paul + many more




Legendary Dancehall & Reggae singer-producer Leftside drops his latest video featuring Elephant Man, Sean Paul and many more on Wi Nah Give a boomba..

Song is a knockout…

Leftside has been killing it lately with tracks like Missionary

As well as the infectious Wala Wala

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Marginal Original


Debut Album directly from one of the leaders of Sao Paulo’s New Favela Bass Sound




Marginal-Original is super proud to unveil the Debut Album directly from one of the most hyped new producers of Sao Paulo’s Bass and yes, one of the lead heads of the new Favela Bass sound.

If you have been following the new approach of Brazilian bass funk, you may have seen (obviously) Tropkillaz’s raise to the top, and if you actually hear what they play, there are some hidden names that they are so into supporting right now.

KLAP and SANVTTO are 2 of these name, and in fact, this is the debut EP from the former with an actual track with BOTH of them.

On Pega Ahi, Maxwell Santos aka SANVTTO releases some of his most well received EDITS and Remixes which gather tens of thousands of plays on SC, Spotify and the usual digital music things, and have been featured on many Diplo & Friends, BBC, Tropkillaz and many more sets.


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